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Letters: North Korea inroads

April 03, 2013

Re "Reaching out to Pyongyang," Opinion, April 1

I am not a trained diplomat or a politician, but as one who is preparing for his fourth invited visit to Pyongyang since 2009, I have come to appreciate the value of one-on-one discussions with the North Koreans that Donald Gregg is advocating.

Each time I leave, I am told: "We are aware of the tensions between your country and ours, and yet you dare to come. You are always welcome here." In 2012 I was able to take to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a delegation of American magicians as the first step in a hoped-for people-to-people exchange. Sometimes it's the small inroads that can make a difference.

Nothing but good can come from understanding each other better. We have nothing to lose by trying.

Dale F. Salwak



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