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Chelsea Handler, Conan O'Brien fight in the shower — nude

April 04, 2013|By Nardine Saad
  • Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler fight in the shower nude during a "Chelsea Lately" sketch.
Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler fight in the shower nude during… (YouTube / E! )

Conan O'Brien is airing his grievances to Chelsea Handler ... in the shower.

In a Wednesday sketch on Handler's "Chelsea Lately" to celebrate her 1,081st episode, O'Brien sneaks into the "Lately" staff showers to reclaim what was his: his parking spot and studio.

"This is my studio. You stole it, remember. I still have the key. Plus, this is the best water pressure in Hollywood," he says.

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Chandler's E! talk show took over O'Brien's old "Tonight Show" studio on the Universal lot last year. The late-night host is known for her raunchy deadpan, and it's fun to see O'Brien, who gets really goofy around pretty girls, stand his ground. There's also a barb at Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson's onetime regular "Tonight Show" guest host who hosted a short-lived late-night show for Fox in the mid-1980s.

"Just be a man. Admit what you've done!" O'Brien tells Handler.

"I am not a man," she says, making it a point to grab her bare breasts.

"That's debatable," he replies, looking down at her lady, er, man parts.

"Everybody knows that I am the first woman in late night!"

"No, that was Joan Rviers," he says.

"Well, have you taken a good look at her recently?" Handler asks.

"I know," he contemplates. "But I'm still convinced that whatever that is, it's female."

The duo go on to "slap" each other's privates in a manner that isn't appropriate for a family newspaper's blog. If you are not offended by a bit of raunchiness, you can watch the video or the bloopers. (We particularly enjoyed the latter.)

In October, Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock appeared in a similar skit to bully the boozy Handler into getting her act together, a message she claims came straight from daytime talk show queen Oprah. Turns out it didn't, but whatever.

On Tuesday, NBC named Jimmy Fallon as Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" heir after Leno's departure in 2014 (a spot that once belonged to O'Brien), which made this collaboration all the more timely. NBC's move comes to combat ABC's decision to bump up "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to the same time slot as Leno and CBS' David Letterman. 

As the late-night wars rage on, two of cable's relatively new late-night fixtures -- Handler and O'Brien -- seem to be disregarding the big networks. Instead, they're duking it out in front of the cameras -- totally nude, save for some strategic pixelation.

News flash: Our favorite redheaded comedian has abs!


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