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Letters: Mother Nature vs. Malibu

April 04, 2013
  • Joe Dombroski of Canoga Park fishes off public access stairs during high tide at Broad Beach in Malibu on March 24. Over several decades the beach has eroded significantly. To protect their properties, residents have piled sandbags and, more recently, built an emergency rock wall to hold back the tides.
Joe Dombroski of Canoga Park fishes off public access stairs during high… (Christina House / For The…)

Re "Broad Beach, slim progress," March 31

Many of California's beaches have been steadily eroding for decades. With rising sea levels and many of the streams that once carried sediment to the ocean now dry, the beaches cannot withstand the steady wave action of the Pacific.

Homes in Malibu (and other oceanfront communities a stone's throw from high tide) will eventually lose their beaches. Those homes close to the high tide mark now will probably vanish as their undersides are washed away.

The solution is to build sufficiently far from the coast and not to spend so much money and effort to prevent Mother Nature from doing the inevitable. Sand bags and rock walls are only temporary measures.

Sol Taylor

Sherman Oaks

It is somewhat amusing to watch the very wealthy get a dose of karma or, to speak in the proper vernacular, payback. I do feel a slight sense of schadenfreude when I read about the homeowners at Broad Beach attempting, like Sisyphus, to hold back the sands of climate change.

I do remember the battles they fought to keep the public from accessing what was supposed to be a public beach.

Anna Sklar

Santa Monica

Two words sums this up: Nature prevails.

Judy Rizzo

Laguna Woods


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