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Redd Collection offers one more chance at tasting some rare brews

April 05, 2013|By John Verive
  • The Redd Collection is offering one more chance at tasting some great rare beers, including the Westvleteren 12.
The Redd Collection is offering one more chance at tasting some great rare…

We have egg on our faces. But The Redd Collection has come to our rescue.

When we wrote last week about the about the rare beer tasting it was  hosting -- the one that included the grail-like Westvleteren 12 -- we erroneously listed the address of their beer supplier, Valley Beverage, as the location for the tasting.

It seems some excited readers made the trek to Sherman Oaks only to be turned away with the news that the tasting was actually occurring at The Redd Collection's Culver City storefront. Not to worry, Redd Collection is offering a repeat on Saturday.

The lineup of beers it assembled with the help of Valley Beverage for last week's tasting was drool-worthy, and the beer went fast. Luckily, Michael Carpenter from Redd Collection discovered my error and held back one of each featured bottle (with the exception of The Bruery's White Chocolate), and he has graciously offered to hold a "make-up tasting" for any Daily Dish readers who missed out on the first tasting.

This one-more-chance tasting, including the Westy 12, will be begin at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Redd Collection location in Culver City. The $25 tasting is limited to the first 10 people, and be sure to call to reserve your spot.

The Redd Collection, 8440 Warner Dr., Unit C, Culver City, (310) 202-7333.


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