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Letters: Revisiting Rev. Wright's sermon

April 07, 2013

Re "President Obama doesn't have a 'pastor problem,'" Perspective, April 4

Thanks to Robin Abcarian for her excellent analysis of the sermon preached on Easter Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington with President Obama in attendance.

She is so right about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former longtime pastor, not being "entirely wrong" in condemning America for its poor treatment of minorities. He wasn't off message; he simply spoke to the American culture that he knew so well.

Too many of our Christian pastors are content to teach Biblical lessons but not to apply them to our culture. Racism still showcases America's most profound failure to live up to the American Dream. This is no more clearer than on Sunday morning, when the followers of Christ in America gather with their own color, for the most part.

God shield Obama from all attacks by his "Christian" brothers and sisters.

Ronn Garton

San Diego


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