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Will the Lakers look to 'ice' Chris Paul?

April 07, 2013|By Eric Pincus

The Lakers have improved defensively over the last few weeks, helping the team climb four games above .500, at 40-36.

On Friday, the Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzlies, one of the league's top defensive teams, at their own game in a low-scoring 86-84 victory.

Breaking down that game, Coach Nick Hauselman of BBallBreakdown said the Lakers used the defensive technique called "ice" to slow the Grizzlies' pick and roll.

Ice uses the defensive guard (in this case, Steve Blake) to force the ball handler away from the screen toward a big man (Pau Gasol), who helps to contain the penetration.

The caveat is that the screener is left open for a jump shot, but against most teams, the bigger threat is from the attacking guard.

With the Lakers facing the Clippers on Sunday afternoon, ice may be the preferred method to try to contain Chris Paul.


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