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Travel letters: Skip Miami Beach — the real night life's in Miami

Plus, wheelchair-friendly cruises; Marx and covering Britain, good and bad; and the joys of Cambria.

April 07, 2013

Redefining night life? That'd be Miami

Regarding "For Creatures of the Night" [March 24] on Miami Beach: Jenn Harris needs to step away from Miami Beach, because anything done there is not redefining. Time to cross the bridge and step into the real Miami. Visit such places as Will Call, Space, Grand Central, the Garret, Wood Tavern, Shots Miami and the Electric Pickle Co. These places are a redefinition of typical Miami Beach night life.

Marlon DeLeon


Wheelchair-friendly cruises

Regarding "The Right Questions" by Catharine Hamm [On the Spot, March 24]: I have been on lots of river cruises in Europe and China, and I find that they are not wheelchair-friendly. Many don't have elevators, and the excursions are definitely not wheelchair-friendly. Cobblestones, steep roads to castles and churches and tons of steps. The big ships, however, are great for wheelchairs.

Lilo Holzer


Dialectical Britainism

Carolyn Lyons' article "Back to Life" [March 17] was superb. We in London are proud of Karl Marx for his enormous accomplishments. He's spiritual (without religion), creative (without egotism) and open-minded (without judgment). Our little city accidentally spat out another golden egg to display to the world. Thank you, sir.

Evan Dale Santos



The articles in the March 17 Travel section labeled "Britain" were pathetic. Britain is made up of four countries, and that's all you could come up with? The Travel section has gone from bad to worse over the last several years (as has the rest of the paper). What a shame for those of us who use to think it was a great newspaper.

Dru Alphson

Santa Monica

Joys of Cambria

Regarding "Take a Sip and a Stroll" by Susan Denley, March 17: My wife and I go to Cambria two or three times each year and have since 1980. It is special to us. We are able to get away from our everyday life and just relax. Her article brought a little of that to light. But it just scratched the surface. While the picture of the Daou Winery looks beautiful and inviting, there are many others that offer better (and less expensive) wine. Next time, try Pianetta, Clayhouse, Vina Robles and Halter Ranch while you're in Paso. With more than 200 wineries, it's difficult to pick out just a few. But we're members of their wine clubs and enjoy their wine throughout the year.

As for Cambria, although the Sea Chest, Robin's and Indigo Moon are great, try Madeline's and the Black Cat as well.

When we stay in Cambria, we take our dog and rent pet-friendly houses. Very quiet and always pleasant. Several rental agencies are in town.

Bill and Kris Sims


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