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Watch Rick Pitino duck for cover during post-NCAA final fireworks

April 09, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Rick Pitino had just coached his way to his second NCAA men's basketball title Monday night, hours after learning he had been named to basketball's Hall of Fame, days after his horse won the Santa Anita derby and less than a week after his son landed the head coaching job at Minnesota.

What could possibly go wrong in the charmed life of the Louisville coach?

Everything -- or at least that's what Pitino apparently thought for a split second immediately after his Cardinals beat Michigan, 82-76, in the national title game.

With the TV cameras focused squarely on him, Pitino was on his way to shake the hand of Wolverines Coach John Beilein when fireworks were shot off inside the Georgia Dome.

Startled by the sudden sound, Pitino ducked for cover and put his hands over his head as if guns were being fired. Of course, he recovered almost instantly and didn't seem to give it a second thought, but it was all caught on live TV.

And, naturally, everyone noticed:

I guess that's just the 2013 way of saying, "Congratulations on winning the NCAA title and being named to the Hall of Fame in the same day!"


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