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Letters: A fix for firing bad teachers

April 10, 2013

Re "Firing the worst teachers," Editorial, April 7

The best way to fix the process that makes it extremely difficult to fire bad teachers is to turn teaching into an accountable profession. Make teachers just like doctors, nurses, accountants and others who hold licenses from a state agency and are subject to public complaints.

This process would operate quickly on incompetent, dangerous or negligent teachers. It would certainly be better than the years required now to dismiss a teacher (who receives a paycheck throughout the process).

No amount of tinkering can possibly work speedily or effectively. What we need is a Legislature and governor that will enact a law to put teachers under the same regulatory regime as other professions.

Why is the public tolerating this obvious lapse in accountability? Students and parents have suffered long enough.

Carl Olson

Woodland Hills


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