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Letters: Thatcher's touch

April 10, 2013

Re "Britain's 'Iron Lady,'" Obituary, April 9

This story seemed a straightforward obituary until I read the paragraph that stated that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was often "brutal and belittling toward her own political allies." The example was minister Michael Heseltine's outburst, "I hate you! I hate you!"

It struck me as odd that a man getting his feelings hurt proved anything. I laughed when I considered whether a woman politician shouting the same would have merited mention in any male leader's obituary.

Peculiar liberal that I am, I loathed Thatcher's politics and adored her strength. I even named my third-born for her; perhaps one day my own Maggie will tell her children, "I was named for a great lady." But whether she agrees with Thatcher's politics or my own will depend on what she alone chooses, as it should.

Sally Connell

Cayucos, Calif.


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