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Letters: Guns, schools and safety

April 12, 2013

Re "NRA's off-target plan," Opinion, April 9

You don't need to be a mathematician to know that the odds of a child surviving a school shooting are greater if the shooter is shot and killed than if he keeps shooting until his clip is empty.

The moment someone enters a school with intent to kill, survival is the only issue. Instead, James Mulvaney writes about the difficulty in shooting a weapon during a crisis or what kind of weapon the staff member is carrying. This is about life and death, not succumbing to the will of the National Rifle Assn.

Even placing a sign in front of schools disclosing the presence of armed guards would have a deterrent effect.

Mulvaney states, "I'm terrified by the idea of the NRA plan to put a gun in every school." But he should be more terrified by the idea that the only gun in this awful scenario would belong to the killer.

Mike Armstrong

Beverly Hills


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