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Watch the Golden State Warriors fill Kent Bazemore's car with popcorn

April 12, 2013|By Melissa Rohlin

After running on the treadmill, Golden State Warriors rookie Kent Bazemore returned to his car Wednesday to find an unwelcome surprise.

His white sedan was filled -- practically to the roof -- with popcorn.

Bazemore was surprisingly calm about the incident. He smiled, opened the driver's side door and watched a large amount of popcorn fall onto the parking lot floor.

This prank has been done many times before, but not all of its victims were as unaffected as Bazemore.

In 2010, members of the Denver Nuggets filled Kenyon Martin's car with buttered popcorn during a game as an April Fool's Day joke. When Martin discovered the prank, he was anything but amused and threatened to sit during the postseason until whoever perpetrated the act came forward.

Now that's a sticky situation.


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