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Explosions: Horror visits the Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013|By Robin Abcarian

You don’t need to wait for the news reports, or to be anywhere near a radio or television, to know that whatever happened at the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon was a horrific event.

Almost immediately, photographs taken in the vicinity of the explosion, or explosions, were disseminated on Twitter. You could see smoky air and injured runners down, tended by the uninjured. The sidewalk was bright red with blood.

PHOTOS: Explosions at Boston Marathon

You could see it all unfold on Twitter, graphically. Here is the moment of the explosion, via CBS.

Here is the photo of the aftermath (warning: It is a graphic image).

Below is the finish-line live camera: The quality is not good (and heavy Web traffic may make it difficult to access), but it’s clear that a terrible thing has happened Monday, and one of running’s most venerable traditions, the Boston Marathon, will never be the same.

I will be following developments and have more later.


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