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California Senate calls on Congress to change immigration laws

April 15, 2013|By Patrick McGreevy

A watered-down resolution calling for Congress to "repair" the nation's "historically broken" immigration laws won bipartisan support by the state Senate on Monday.

The Senate voted 32 to 0 to support Senate Joint Resolution 8 by Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana).

The measure originally called for illegal immigrants to have access to "a logical and streamlined path to citizenship," but it was changed to provide that path for "individuals after they gain legal status."

The resolution also originally said: "This reform should also include a way to help families remain together throughout the lengthy bureaucratic process," but that provision was removed. It now calls for the reform to "recognize the societal and cultural benefits of keeping the family unit intact."

Senate Republican leader Robert Huff of Diamond Bar noted that California is home to a large number of illegal immigrants, many of them providing important work in agriculture, and he said immigration laws are not working.

"The status quo is hurting our state," Huff said.

Sen. Anthony Cannella of Ceres is among the Republicans who have supported proposals in Washington that include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"We must recognize the hard work and contribution of our immigrant community," Cannella told his colleagues Monday.


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