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Boston bombings: Danny Amendola will donate for every catch, drop

April 16, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Danny Amendola may be new on the scene in New England, but he has already become part of the community.

The former St. Louis Rams receiver who joined the Patriots via free agency last month plans to be very generous in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings Monday that killed three people and injured at least 170 more injured.

He tweeted that night:

In an injury-shortened 2012 season, Amendola caught 63 passes and dropped just two in 11 games. Projected out to a 16-game season, that comes out to 92 catches and three drops -- or a $9,800 donation.

And keep in mind that Amendola is now playing for the pass-happy Patriots with one of the best quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady. So the potential is there for some career numbers for Amendola -- and a lot more in charitable contributions.

Incidentally, the receiver Amendola is replacing in New England, Wes Welker, caught 118 passes and dropped 19 in 16 games last season. If Amendola puts up those kinds of numbers, that's a $15,000-plus toward recovery.


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