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Shifter problem behind Honda recall of CR-V, Odyssey and Acura RDX

April 18, 2013|By Jerry Hirsch
  • Honda will recall more than 200,000 vehicles including the 2013 Honda CR-V to fix a shifter problem.
Honda will recall more than 200,000 vehicles including the 2013 Honda CR-V… (Honda / Wieck )

Honda Motor Co. will recall 204,500 CR-V crossovers, Odyssey minivans and Acura RDX crossovers to replace a safety component.

During internal testing of the vehicles, Honda discovered that in subfreezing temperatures it could be possible to shift the vehicle's transmission out of the park position without depressing the brake pedal.

“This hasn’t actually happened on a vehicle that is in customers' hands,” said Honda spokesman Chris Martin. “We have done it on vehicles that we own and test.”

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Martin said the possibility of such an occurrence creates the risk that a passenger could accidently shift the vehicle into drive. But no incidents or accidents from such an occurrence have been reported.

Nonetheless, “we want to make sure we take care of it,” Martin said. 

The recall includes 128,000 Honda CR-V vehicles and 59,000 Honda Odyssey vehicles from the 2012-2013 model years, and 17,500 Acura RDX vehicles from the 2013 model year.


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