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Great homemade pizza can happen at home

April 19, 2013|By Noelle Carter

Ever thought great homemade pizza was possible? It is! And the trick? Well, beyond a good dough and sauce, it's about tweaking your oven to get the heat just right. I did a story a few years back on homemade pizza:

"There are many components that go into a great pizza, and opinions vary as to what they are. But any pizza lover will agree that you can't bake one without a super-hot oven, and you can't replicate the effects of a great pizzeria oven with a standard home model -- even with a pizza stone or ceramic tiles. A home oven simply can't reach the right temperature or mimic the necessary radiant heat.

"Short of remodeling your kitchen or constructing a wood-fired brick oven in your backyard (that's assuming you have a backyard, and the necessary permits), great homemade pizza is just not going to happen at home. You're better off keeping your favorite takeout number on speed-dial when you're craving a great pie in the sweet comfort of your living room.

Photos: Making pizza at home

"At least that's what I'd always thought. Boy, was I wrong.

"For about $15 worth of brick and a few ceramic tiles or a pizza stone, even great pizza is possible at home. That and a bit of an odyssey -- well, for me at least."

Continue reading the story for tips and a breakdown of what I learned. Then give it a try, customizing your homemade pies to suit your tastes. Did I mention it makes a great weekend project?

Check out these links for how-to tips on converting your oven, as well as some homemade pizza recipes:

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