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Letters: Community college execs aren't getting a raise

April 19, 2013

Re "College execs could get pay boost," April 17

I was dismayed by your article on the Los Angeles Community College District's plan to rebalance the salary structure of our senior administrators, a plan approved Wednesday by a 6-1 vote of our Board of Trustees.

Not one single college president or senior executive will get a net pay raise as a result of Wednesday's vote. This was simply a move to better align their compensation with the amount paid by other community colleges throughout the state. The salaries of our presidents, who run some of the largest community colleges in the nation, are still lower than state averages.

To characterize this action as a pay increase is incorrect. To imply this decision comes at the expense of our students is irresponsible.

Daniel J. LaVista

Los Angeles

The writer is chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District.


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