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Letters: Foie gras facts

April 19, 2013

Re "A foie gras food fight in O.C.," April 17

Thank you to chef Amar Santana of Laguna Beach for his honesty in pointing out that just because some people love animals, "it doesn't mean your neighbor feels the same way" — essentially admitting that he doesn't care about animal cruelty.

It is refreshing to hear a foie gras-serving chef admit the ugly truth: They don't care if animals are tortured.

Santana argues that no one has the right to force others to prevent animal cruelty. However, if we are to be a civilized society, then just as we have the right to ask others not to beat their dog, we do indeed have the right to stop the brutal force-feeding of ducks until their livers are grossly enlarged and diseased.

The chefs who are defying the California law banning restaurants from serving foie gras should be shut down and punished.

Stephanie Winnard

West Hills


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