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Burger King tests delivery service in Glendale

April 20, 2013|By Jenn Harris
  • A Burger King turkey burger and drink. The fast food franchise is testing a delivery service in Glendale.
A Burger King turkey burger and drink. The fast food franchise is testing… (Justin Sullivan / Getty…)

You can have almost anything delivered to your door. If you're craving pizza and wings with breadsticks at midnight, that's easy. Fresh sushi? Done. You can even order an entire week's worth of groceries. And the next time you need a Whopper, you can have Burger King deliver too -- if you live in Glendale.

A Burger King franchise location in Glendale is piloting a new delivery program for the fast-food brand. Franchise owner Bob Stevens, who owns eight Burger King locations, began taking delivery orders at his store on North Central Avenue on April 9.

Stevens' location is the first in California to deliver. Burger King locations in Miami, Washington and Houston already have implemented delivery programs.

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The fast-food delivery service may be newer to the states, but chains abroad are way ahead of the game. McDonald's locations in the Phillipines offer 24-hour delivery service and you can order McDonald's and KFC in Shanghai.

If you want a BK Whopper delivered to your door in Glendale, call (855) 673-3725 or visit The closest participating Burger King then makes the order and has it delivered.

The Glendale Burger King is using five drivers to deliver to locations that are within 10 minutes' drive, with traffic. According to sister blog L.A. Now, that 10-minute drive time includes Kenneth Road to the north, Verdugo Road to the east, San Fernando Road to the south and Alameda Avenue to the west.

If you're imagining a driver carrying a special pizza box containing your favorite combo meal, you're not far off. Drivers will transport the food using containers designed to keep the burgers from getting cold and the fries from going limp. 


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