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Letters: A spotlight on the Gosnell abortion case

April 20, 2013

Re "Abortion's darkest side," Opinion, April 16

Jonah Goldberg draws the conclusion that late-term abortion (and, in fact, any kind of abortion) is an issue of morality first and foremost.

As Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's clinic proves, women who are desperate to end a pregnancy will submit to dangerous, unsanitary conditions and disreputable practitioners.

States that make abortion illegal or virtually impossible to obtain can expect to see many similar clinics and practitioners and many more deaths, both of early- and late-term fetuses and the women determined to abort them.

Debra Kaufman


Kudos to Goldberg for writing an article about late-term abortions performed by Gosnell. One cannot really call Gosnell a doctor, because obviously he never took seriously his oath to do no harm.

What is really sad is that human beings died — living, breathing children, just like the little boy who died in Boston on Monday. Yet news agencies pay more attention and offer larger articles when a baby seal is killed on a beach.

What an absurdly ridiculous society we live in when the deaths of baby animals spark outrage but those of human babies do not.

Joy Specht


After spinning his ghoulish tale about abortion, Goldberg is left with an absolute moral imperative: He must urge his colleagues at Fox News and like-minded representatives in Congress to fund Planned Parenthood to the fullest extent possible. Goldberg may even wish to join me in volunteering for this estimable organization.

By doing so, he would lessen the chances of a repeat of the events he exploits.

Kevin Smith

Newbury Park


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