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Letters: The Constitution applies to everyone

April 23, 2013

Re "Legal debate swirls around treatment of suspect," April 21

I am glad the Boston bombing suspect has been caught. But however despicable his alleged crimes are, do we want to deny a U.S. citizen his right to a trial, as guaranteed by our Constitution? Terrorist prosecutions enjoy a near-perfect conviction rate.

A cowardly attack on innocent people is scary because it is hard for us to understand why anyone would do something so uncivilized. But it is also scary when those who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution use such an act to attack our constitutional rights.

Lee Aydelotte

Huntington Beach

Enough is enough. It is time that the American government gets tougher with terrorists and terrorism and stops confusing criminal acts with terrorist acts. Terrorists are enemy combatants. They want to kill Americans and should be subject to military retribution.

Further, a domestic terrorist is also committing a treasonous act; he violates his allegiance to his country by waging war against it or by aiding its enemies. How much more do these terrorists need to do to us before the government re-declares the war on terrorism?

Sheryl Kinne

Van Nuys

Now that we know there is a "public safety" exception to constitutional rights like the Miranda warning guaranteed by the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments, can we please admit that we need a "public safety" exception to the 2nd Amendment?

The families of future school and theater shootings deserve nothing less.

Kathi Smith



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