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Letters: Boy Scouts' decision doubted

April 23, 2013

Re "Scout officials endorse dual tack on gays," April 20

Aside from being annoying and insulting, the recommendation of top Boy Scouts of America officials to allow gay boys to become members while continuing to bar gay men from being leaders is completely illogical.

The basic mission of the Boy Scouts is to help young boys become upstanding adult men. By extension, that means helping self-identified gay male youths, likely now to be among the Boy Scouts' ranks, to become upstanding gay adult men.

How can that possibly occur when those gay youths see that precisely who they are supposed to become are personae non gratae once they are adults?

Robb Quint

Thousand Oaks

News flash for the Boy Scouts: You already have gay Scout leaders. Forcing people into the closet doesn't change their sexual orientation.

The leadership of this organization remains a cadre of homophobes. They could take a lesson from the Girl Scouts, where tolerance is the moral standard.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles


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