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New college football playoff system gets a less-than-original name

Conference commissioners meeting in Pasadena announce name of what will replace the BCS: College Football Playoff.

April 23, 2013|Chris Dufresne
  • Bill Hancock, executive director of the Bowl Championship Series, introduces the new name -- College Football Playoffs -- and competition framework of what will replace the BCS in 2014 at a meeting of the football conference commissioners in Pasadena.
Bill Hancock, executive director of the Bowl Championship Series, introduces… (Reed Saxon / Associated…)

The name for college football's new playoff system is … "College Football Playoff."

"Brand X" and "Your Name Here" apparently were already taken.

College football commissioners meeting in Pasadena this week were looking for simplicity in replacing their sometimes tainted "BCS" label. Mission accomplished.

Commissioners actually paid a consulting firm to help come up with the new name. The Tuesday launch also included a website to house the new system:

Fans are being asked to go on the website this week to pick one of four suggested logos for the new playoff system. A winner will be announced Monday.

The official motto: "It's Your Playoff. It's Your Choice."

The simplicity of "College Football Playoff" is a counter to years of the Bowl Championship Series, which will cease to exist after this season's title game at the Rose Bowl, which will be played Jan. 6.

One of the unintended consequences of the BCS was the acronym was shortened to "BS" whenever controversies erupted in the controversial system. One of the official stipulations of the new name is that it not be abbreviated, which seems more of a request than anything that can be enforced.

"Pac-12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott thinks the name will become more popular over time.

"Sometimes less is more," Scott said. "The power is in the event. This is an event that doesn't need to be tricked up. It's not the name or the logo. It's what you do with it."

BCS commissioners are meeting this week to finalize details with the new playoff system, which begins with the 2014 season. The Rose and Sugar bowls have already been selected as the semifinal hosts in 2015.

A selection committee will determine the top four teams and also pair schools in the other major bowls.

The commissioners Wednesday are expected to announce the site of the first "College Football Playoff" title game, which is expected to be awarded to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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