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Letters: Feeding the soul

April 24, 2013

Re "Stop dissing the humanities," Opinion, April 19

I commend The Times for giving space to David Kipen's defense of the humanities, a much-neglected, undervalued aspect of American society.

When will we grow up and recognize the importance played by literature, the arts and all endeavors that create a society that might be called civilized? It's almost funny that Native Americans, once termed savages, cultivated their many art forms in keeping with their values and their respect and care for the environment.

President Obama's proposed 5% increase in funding for the arts and humanities is a disgrace. Is it any wonder that the United States is looked upon by the rest of the world as an overindulged child wielding power like the bully on the block?

Science may reward the body, but the arts feed the spirit. Surely we need that balance.

Peggy Aylsworth Levine

Santa Monica


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