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Kindle TV? Amazon reportedly working on its own set-top box

April 25, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  •, in a bid to compete with Apple and Roku, could be shipping customers its own Kindle TV set-top boxes this year., in a bid to compete with Apple and Roku, could be shipping customers… (Paul Sakuma / Associated…)

Apple and Roku's dominance in the Internet-streaming TV set-top box market might be about to get interrupted by, which is reportedly working on a box of its own.

The giant online retailer is working on a device due later this year that would compete with the Apple TV and all of Roku's streaming devices, Bloomberg said in a report that cites unnamed sources.

The box, which the report speculates could be called the Kindle TV, would allow users to stream all kinds of services, such as Netflix and YouTube, but would feature Amazon's Video on Demand store front and center.

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The rumored Kindle TV, which is reportedly being developed by Amazon in Cupertino, Calif., would give Amazon another way to sell users digital content and would give developers another reason to build apps for Amazon's devices, the report says.

Amazon could possibly lure customers by offering them a lower entry cost than the Apple TV's $99 price tag. Previously, Amazon has shown a willingness to sell its devices at cost and make up for the unrealized profit by selling digital content for the devices.

The company could not be reached for comment.


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