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Letters: LAPD-made millionaires

April 25, 2013

Re "Women shot in Dorner hunt to get $4.2 million," April 24

On Feb. 7, staked out in force to protect one of their own, Los Angeles Police Department officers mistook a blue Toyota for a gray Nissan truck and opened fire, riddling it and the neighborhood with bullets. They discovered the truck was being driven very slowly by two women delivering the morning newspaper.

Thank heavens the officers' apparently poor marksmanship prevented them from killing the pair, who escaped with manageable injuries and are now being compensated in one of the speedier multimillion-dollar settlements in memory.

Meanwhile, both the media and politicians have been eerily reserved about this horrifying shoot-first-think-later outrage.

Perhaps we should do what Bostonians did last week and remember that when the cops are out to avenge one of their own, it's best to stay inside.

James Mandell

Valley Village


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