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Letters: Knives, planes and common sense

April 25, 2013

Re "Change allowing knives on planes is delayed," Business, April 23

On many airlines, metal knives are given to premium passengers during meal service. Back when I was traveling on business, those knives were stainless steel, with three-inch blades and serrated cutting edges. They were potentially more deadly than my Swiss Army pocketknife.

I once had two-inch gaming darts confiscated at an airport. Then I got on the plane and was issued a knife for my meal.

Talk about the death of common sense in this country. God help us.

Curtis A. Davis

Newbury Park

Now that my fellow air travelers may soon be permitted to carry knives onboard, surely it is time to embrace the National Rifle Assn.'s argument that it is people, not guns, that kill and either keep all people off planes or insist that all passengers carry sidearms.

Simple, safe — and I'll walk.

Steve Roberts

Santa Monica


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