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Hope Solo tweets out cell number, then calls us all 'fools'

April 25, 2013|By Chuck Schilken
  • Hope Solo, shown in 2011, had some Twitter fun with her followers this week. Or did she?
Hope Solo, shown in 2011, had some Twitter fun with her followers this week.… (Jonathan Ferrey / Getty…)

Hope Solo loves her 670,214 Twitter followers -- so much so that she tweeted her personal cellphone number out to them (and the rest of the world) on Wednesday.

Oops, wait. Turns out the U.S. soccer goalie doesn't like you guys that much after all. In fact, she thinks you're "fools" for trying to call her old cell number, which is what she actually tweeted out. Or something like that.

Oh, wait a minute. Turns out ol' Hope was just playing a little prank on you. Haha! That wasn't her old phone number after all, it was her hair stylist's. Or perhaps she gave her old phone to the hair stylist. Either way, what fun!!

Solo's original tweet with the phone number was supposed to go to someone named "gooch," according to Yahoo Sports, which deduced it was probably referring to U.S. men's soccer player Oguchi Onyewu.

Hey, these things happen. Seems like it would have been a lot easier just to explain that or just tweet out a simple "my bad!" than try to play mind games with the people who think enough of her to cling to her every word on social media.

But, hey, she gave you an "Xoxo! ;)" at the end, so I guess she really does love you guys! That's all that really matters, right?


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