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'American Idol' recap: A results-free results show

April 26, 2013|By Amy Reiter
  • Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller visit Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Neither contestant was sent home this week.
Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller visit Children's Hospital Los Angeles.… (Michael Becker / FOX )

"American Idol" gave us a surprise this week that, in fact, wasn't that much of a surprise at all, once you think about it. Raise your hand if you'd thought maybe no one would go home Thursday night because the judges hadn't used the save this season. (It's the first time they haven't used it since it was initiated in Season 8, as it turns out.) Yeah, my hand's up, too.

And if you figured they'd probably average in the votes from this week with last week's to come up with next week's loser, so that the people who voted wouldn't feel like their voices hadn't been heard? Bonus points for you.

So just to underline the results, in case you didn't watch: No one went home on "American Idol" this week, though we did learn which of the four remaining singers were in the bottom two (Amber Holcomb, despite the judges' deep, abiding love for her, and Candice Glover, despite the fact that her voice is like warm honey) and which were in the top two (Angie Miller, who had a very good night on Wednesday, and Kree Harrison, whose fans were probably worried about her after she was a) in the bottom two last week and b) sworn at by Nicki Minaj).

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Will Holcomb's and Glover's fans vote in droves next week to save them? Will Miller's and Harrison's grow complacent?

We'll have to wait for next week to know.

This week, we had to make do with performances by Season 10 seventh-place-finisher Stefano Langone and Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze. Guess which one got a standing ovation? Not DeWyze. Langone showed vocal improvement on his newish single, "Yes to Love," though he still hasn't entirely figured out how to keep his eyes open when he sings. Minaj, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban all rose to their feet when he'd finished. (The train of Mariah Carey's dress may still be caught on her chair.)

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DeWyze, who hasn't had a great deal of post-"Idol" success, sang a new single, "Silver Linings." He said it was about finding hope when there isn't any.

But the highlight of the evening was when Drake came on and surprised Glover, his biggest fan, who'd sung his song this week. Or maybe it was seeing the Top 4 perform for kids in the hospital. Cute kids. Results-free results show.

Let's see what next week holds.


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