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Letters: A tender tale

April 27, 2013

Re "Teacher pays it forward," Column One, April 24

For those who say newspapers like The Times are fast becoming dinosaurs, I disagree. Where else can you read such heartfelt, engrossing stories as the Column One about a teacher who paid the college tuition for one of her talented students? What other form of media allows its reporters the time to write brilliantly on the human condition?

When I read reporter Cindy Chang's story of a student accepted to a college architectural program but held back because she was undocumented and wasn't eligible for financial aid, it brought tears to my eyes. Her grade-school teacher understood the travails of undocumented immigrants, knew the talented young lady personally, saw her potential and promised to pay her college tuition.

Brava to teacher Leticia Arreola, and bravo to The Times.

Steve Siporin

Palm Springs


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