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They said it: Major League Baseball quotes

The Yankees' Derek Jeter says age was not the cause of his broken ankle.

April 27, 2013
  • Captain Derek Jeter watches the Yankees game against the Blue from the dugout Thursday in New York.
Captain Derek Jeter watches the Yankees game against the Blue from the dugout… (Jim McIsaac / Getty Images )

"It wasn't because of my 'advanced' age that my ankle broke."

— New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, 38 and out until at least the All-Star break, scoffing at the question of whether he ponders his baseball mortality.

"I thought David Ortiz's choice of words was outstanding."

— Commissioner Bud Selig, on Ortiz's "This is our [bleeping] city" oratory before the Red Sox played their first home game after the Boston Marathon bombings.

"I was engaged in discussions in the world about pictures, as in paintings, not pitchers, guys who can or can't paint the strike zone."

— Miami Marlins owner and art dealer Jeffrey Loria, to Fox Sports, denying the allegation he personally switched the order of his team's starters in a doubleheader.

"Keep in mind that pretty much the only thing Loria is known for is lying about his team finances, lying to Miami-Dade County about the stadium finances, lying to players about not trading them, and lying his way out of Montreal when he was the owner of the Expos."

— New Times Broward-Palm Beach, in response to Loria's denial.

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