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Letters: Perspectives on a cartoon life

April 28, 2013

Re "'Angry Girls' unleashed," Column One, April 25

I am saddened by the fact that "Angry Little Girls" comic strip artist Lela Lee is profiting by making fun of her Korean upbringing and heritage, thereby perpetuating a stereotype. The fact is that not all Korean parents are as strict and demanding as Lee's, and not all Korean children eventually dismiss their parents and live in a state of "disconnect."

The irony here is that Lee's entrepreneurship and her apparent "achievement" have most likely been because of the upbringing she makes fun of.

Kee Kim

La Habra

The "Angry Little Girls" article sounded so familiar, and I'm not Asian.

Any second- or third-generation American has heard her mother, father or grandparents say some variation of that familiar phrase, "Work hard; we came here from the old country so you would have a better life."

Congratulations to Lee for making it funny.

Marcelline Ricker

Los Angeles


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