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Letters: Not so fast on Syria

April 28, 2013

Re "A 'red line' on Syria," Editorial, April 25

The lessons of our disastrous invasion of Iraq have been ignored. Syria presents no direct threat to the U.S., and yet the foreign policy elite and the media are increasingly saying we may have to intervene militarily in that country's civil war because a "red line" may have been crossed.

The Obama administration must resist the urge to take on another war; it should focus on rebuilding our nation.

Furthermore, any U.S. intervention in response to Syria's use of chemical weapons would be grossly hypocritical, since our forces in Iraq used white phosphorous and ammunition made from depleted uranium, which have been linked to an increased rate of birth defects there.

If our Mideast allies feel threatened by Syria, they should intervene, not us.

Joseph Tillotson

Redondo Beach

As a follow-up to this editorial, The Times should explain how "an operation to secure or destroy the regime's chemical weapons" would differ from an invasion.

If invasion and occupation are what The Times advocates, just come out and say so.

John R. Yates

Los Angeles


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