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Lamborghini mercy: Chris Brown rapped it, then had to own one

April 29, 2013|By Ronald D. White


Sharply angular, more expensive than some condo mortgages. So distinctive that it's an instant what-the-heck-was-that moment when one rolls past, growling like some partially tamed beast.

Just having one is usually enough for most owners, but then there is rapper Chris Brown.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown's custom Lamborghini

What's his Lambo like? Here's a clue: If the Transformers decided to go all upscale Italian exotic on us in their next sequel, one of them would look like this.

You can't get that done in a regular garage. Brown went to West Coast Customs in Corona, where founder and Chief Executive Ryan Friedlinghaus has been styling one-of-a-kind rides for 20 years.

Over the years, West Coast Customs' work has included a mobile recording station for Snoop Dogg, a customized pink Bentley for Paris Hilton and custom Cadillac and Jeep for Shaquille O'Neal.

We start with Brown's 2004 Lamborghini Gallardi, a car that is still laying waste to bank accounts after nine years, at around $100,000.

Get rid of the old body. Replace it with a Lamborghini Gallardo body kit. We're still on the frame, and already we're up to a $20,000 improvement.

Custom BASF quad color paint scheme: red, blue, yellow and white; price not disclosed.

Rims? Not just any: a set of 20-inch Asanti wheels, in the same radiant blue as the car's broad center stripe. Prices for these usually run from $3,600 to more than $6,000.

Inside? A pearl ultra suede interior, a Pioneer head unit for video streaming and hands-free calling to Rihanna, and an MB Quart custom audio system.

The project took about three weeks.

Friedlinghaus isn't saying how much all this cost, but he did say he really enjoyed doing it, saying it was "a very unique build for West Coast Customs."

Friedlinghaus added, "we specialize in luxury and supercars, but this was the first supercar with such a bold paint design. Chris wanted a Lambo that was distinctly different and once again we brought the vehicle from rendering to reality."


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