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Will a hot, shirtless Italian make you want to buy salad dressing?

April 29, 2013|By Jenn Harris

Kraft Zesty Italian dressing has been on the market for years. It's nothing new. But enter the Zesty guy with his tight white tee, tanned muscles and artfully trimmed facial hair and all of the sudden, the new Kraft dressing ad is playing on repeat. 

The new Kraft dressing campaign features the Zesty guy in three different videos with the dressing. First he lights a fire with the dressing and conveniently burns his shirt off. In another video he playfully slaps some dough and again ends up shirtless. In the third ad he keeps the shirt, but the video ends with the Zesty guy deserving a wet T-shirt contest trophy.

"You know, once you go Italian, you never go back," he proclaims in one of the videos while sauteing some sausage. He also melts a stick of butter just by looking at it.

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And why not send Zesty guy charms to your friends? Zestygrams are of course shareable on the usual social media suspects (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest).

In the marketing world, if you want to spice up an old product, add some bare flesh to the picture. Just look at the Carl's Jr. hamburger ads with the scantily clad supermodels seductively cradling a hamburger before digging in. They all, of course, drip some sauce on their chins.

Will the Zesty guy ads work? It got us clicking, but not exactly running to the grocery store. Maybe let us know when Zesty guy actually comes with the bottles of dressing.


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