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Letters: Tax trouble for online retailers

April 30, 2013

Re "Web isn't a duty-free zone," Editorial, April 26

I'm the owner of a small e-commerce site that will be affected by the proposed law to make online retailers with at least $1 million in sales collect sales taxes from customers in states that have them.

My company is located in California, employs Californians and collects sales tax for shipments to California residents. We have no presence elsewhere. It's unreasonable to think that we should be collecting taxes from customers in other states. Your claim regarding the ease of dealing with this burden is laughable.

Creating two classes of companies with that low $1 million threshold is flawed. There will still be numerous EBay sellers, Amazon sellers and small websites that would have this onerous burden; frankly, many simply won't remit taxes.

The minimum revenue exemption should be raised to affect companies that are better equipped to collect sales taxes, or removed completely to affect all online sellers equally.

Rick Smith

Laguna Beach


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