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Chinese chick-flick sequel 'Tiny Times 2' gets North American release

August 01, 2013|By Rebecca Keegan
  • The lead actresses in "Tiny Times."
The lead actresses in "Tiny Times." (Le Vision Pictures )

"Tiny Times 2," a sequel to China's box office hit about four fashion-conscious girlfriends, will get a North American release starting Aug. 16.

The first film, based on a series of popular young adult novels by author Guo Jingming, became a box office hit in China, grossing more than $80 million there this summer since opening in late June.

Trounced by critics, "Tiny Times" also sparked a controversy for its pro-consumerist portrayal of modern Chinese life.

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North American distributor China Lion released "Tiny Times" in theaters in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver on July 26.

The sequel, which opens in mainland China Aug. 9, continues the story of the first movie's four main characters "as they move up the corporate ladder in the high-paced fashion world and deal with their personal lives and loves," according to a press release issued by China Lion. Two additional films are planned.

In Los Angeles, China Lion will release "Tiny Times 2" at the AMC Puente Hills 20.


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