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Letters: Slowing down on the way to Sin City

August 04, 2013

Re "Braking a habit of the Vegas trip," Aug. 2

When I bought my one and only Corvette in 2005, my first thought was when I would drive to Las Vegas to see how it really ran.

Three weeks later and with a full tank, I found myself cruising along Interstate 15 en route to Sin City. On what looked to be a very straight, safe and almost vacant part of the highway, I got my Vette up to 124 miles per hour and decided that was fast enough. There were no cops and no problems, but I knew this was a free gift.

The Times' article on Nevada state troopers cracking down on speeding motorists does a good job explaining the hazards of driving fast. I understand fully a person's excitement when approaching Vegas, but receiving a ticket could easily set you back more than you might lose playing craps or blackjack.

What people should remember is that if they slow down, those slot machines will still be there waiting.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach


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