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Corn Twister easily removes corn from the cob without a knife

August 06, 2013|By Noelle Carter
  • The Corn Twister from Kuhn Rikon retails for $16 and is widely available online.
The Corn Twister from Kuhn Rikon retails for $16 and is widely available… (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles…)

Looking for a simple way to remove corn from the cob without using a knife? The handy little Corn Twister from Kuhn Rikon should be able to help.

Unlike a knife, whose straight edge can make a mess of kernels as they’re cut from the cob, the Corn Twister comes with an incredibly sharp, round stainless steel blade, attached to a yellow tube. Fit the tube over an ear of corn and, as you push it over the cob, the blade rotates, cleanly slicing the kernels away.

The two-part gadget also comes with a green silicone sleeve made to look like leaves. The sleeve fits over the other end of the ear, providing a good grip and shielding your hand from the blade.

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The Corn Twister effortlessly handled every ear of corn we threw at it in the Test Kitchen, though some online reviews mention the tube has a hard time fitting over larger ears of corn (the tube is about 1 1/4 inches in diameter).

Normally not a fan of single-use gadgets, this is one tool I’d make an exception for in my kitchen. The compact gadget is about 3.75 inches long and weighs just under 2 ounces. It retails for $16 and can be found at select cooking supply stores, and is widely available online.

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