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Letters: Why gender matters in the Catholic Church

August 07, 2013

Re "Pope Francis' woman problem," Opinion, Aug. 4

It is not surprising that Diane Winston attributes ill will to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church for reserving priestly ordination to men alone.

This teaching is rooted in the nature of a sacrament, each with its proper matter and form. Just as the sacrament of matrimony requires a baptized man and a baptized woman, the sacrament of Holy Orders requires a baptized man. Alternate matter invalidates the sacrament, even if form (the ceremony) is flawless.

Ours is a received religion of supernatural origin and cannot be changed at will. Sociological changes in the status of women do not justify an impossible theological change.

Sister Francis Mary


The evil resulting from the religious blackmail perpetrated by the Catholic Church against artificial contraception and legal abortion is indeed hidden in plain sight. The results for believing women are maternal and infant mortality, maternal morbidity and malnourished children who will never thrive.

The utter suffering and misery of unplanned, unwanted children are unconscionable in the 21st century. As a non-believer, I find it even more appalling. It is all for naught.

Jane Roberts



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