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Letters: Memory lapses are nothing to joke about

August 10, 2013

Re "Poor memory? Forget it," Opinion, Aug. 8

I appreciate that a younger person like Max Perry can relate to the fears of us oldsters that any little memory lapse might mean the onset of Alzheimer's disease. But he should also be taking this issue seriously, as it could well impact his future in ways that will be no joke. Without a cure, Alzheimer's will gobble up resources at an alarming rate in the next 30 years.

We lack capacity in caregiving, medical and social services to care for all those affected now. What will happen when this disease affects three times as many people? What will happen when Perry's generation, with a financial future born in recession and "nurtured" by the benevolent employers of today's business world, have fewer personal resources to help their families?

As a member of a family affected by Alzheimer's, I sometimes laugh at my minor memory lapses. But not for long.

Jean Ruecker

Simi Valley

Perry speaks directly to my heart. I have recently turned 70 and I am terrified of becoming demented. My mother had Alzheimer's disease, and in the vein of asking someone to "shoot me" I am thinking about moving to Oregon, which has physician-assisted suicide.

It is true that young people I know have problems similar to mine in recalling names of movies, books, actors and so on. Truly I have been comforted by Perry's reference to these lapses among people his age. He will help me change my focus to what I am capable of doing.

Elizabeth Gabay

Los Angeles

Perry, whom The Times notes is also a yoga teacher, should lead my senior gentle yoga class.

It's on Fridays, I think, at 9 or 10; I forget which.

Ann Lievers



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