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Letters: Common sense about dogs

August 10, 2013

Re "Are pit bulls a menace?," Editorial, Aug. 8

Dobermans are not among the "dominant" breeds that are required to be temperament tested in Los Angeles County shelters — nor should they be.

Dobermans are hyper-intelligent and can be trained to do almost anything. In fact, they have been trained as military dogs, and there is a touching memorial in Guam to the Dobermans that gave their lives in World War II to save American soldiers.

But this no more means that Dobermans are aggressive and dominant by nature than were the soldiers whose lives they saved. Dobermans are sweet and affectionate. Studies have shown that they have the lowest level of aggression toward their people of any dog breed. They make wonderful family pets.

Robert E. Greene

Pacific Palisades

The editorial on managing pit bulls was spot on.

My partner and I have five pit bulls in our home, and we revel in their loyalty and sweetness. We have enjoyed watching people, little children especially, play with them.

But we never allow them to mix with people they don't know without our being present, and we never allow them off leash. Our yard has 6-foot concrete walls and steel gates, and we have hard rules to make sure they never get out.

We are simply being responsible, since we don't know what they will do with strangers. This is a good strategy with all dogs, but with pits, it's a sure way to disaster-free happiness.

Bob Burket

Santa Monica


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