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Letters: L.A.'s treacherous sidewalks

August 10, 2013

Re "Hey, Mr. Mayor: Start here," Column, Aug. 7

Steve Lopez doesn't go far enough in calling on L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to make repairing sidewalks a priority.

The roller coasters, hills, dales and X Games-like ramps that are L.A.'s sidewalks seem often an unvoiced municipal admonition that we don't walk here. It's as if the city has invented its own test of citizenship: If you have to walk, go elsewhere.

What has always puzzled me is how a modern metropolis can't figure how to put trees, curbs and sidewalks together without one causing the deformation of the others. Is it the choice of trees, how they're planted or maintained, or the distance to nearby sidewalks or curbs?

Before we repair and replant, Mr. Mayor, someone needs to figure out how this problem is created and develop a strategy for the future — or plan on having citywide street-side X Games to replace what we've lost to Texas.

John O'Donnell

Los Angeles


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