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'Everything Is' opens Monday for 10 days at the Cinefamily

August 12, 2013|By Susan King
  • Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt will host a screening of the 1970 cult film "The Phynx" at the Cinefamily's "Everthing Is" festival.
Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt will host a screening of the 1970 cult film… (Jake Danna Stevens )

If you're looking for an offbeat film festival, head down to Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre Monday evening through Aug. 21 for "Everything Is Festival IV: The Dreamquest."

The festival describes itself as 10 days of celebrating found footage, forgotten films, fringe music, alternative comedy, art installation and "cult ephemera."

"Community" creator Dan Harmon will be on hand Saturday to host a fantasy role-playing game; Mike Judge will do a "Show and Tell" of his collection of found footage on Friday; and Chris Elliott will present his personal video archive, also on Friday.

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On Sunday, Patton Oswalt will present a screening of the truly bizarre 1970 film "The Phynx," about a rock band that gets embroiled in foreign affairs. And Tenacious D is set to perform on closing night.

The festival kicks off with "Final Cut: Ladies & Gentleman," a found footage tour through the greatest moments in film history, and the L.A. premiere of "Rewind This!," a documentary about VHS collecting, followed by a VHS tape-swapping party.

On Thursday, the one and only Tony Clifton will appear live at the "Comic Relief Zero -- An Everything Is Terrible Stand-Up Special." There will also be a "Cute Animal Film Festival" and "Everything Is Vine Film Festival" with James Urbaniak and Adam Goldberg, which showcases films that last six seconds.


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