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LG kicks it old school with retro TV set perfect for hipsters

August 13, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A new 32-inch HD vintage-style TV set by LG is sure to be a hit with hipsters. But plans to bring the TV to the U.S. have not yet been announced.
A new 32-inch HD vintage-style TV set by LG is sure to be a hit with hipsters.… (LG )

Are you a hipster searching for a hipster TV set? Then look no further than LG.

The South Korean company has announced a new retro TV set that is sure to be a hit with the nostalgia-seeking, record-player-loving crowd.

Complete with working volume and channel dials, LG's new vintage-style TV tube is framed by a simple creamy-colored frame that evokes memories of the days when TV design meant more than just putting together a big black rectangle. 

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The set sits on four white legs and features a noticeable speaker below its dials that should provide the perfect sound when listening to Mumford & Sons or She & Him. Although it's missing a rabbit-ear antenna, the set is ideal for gluten-free, all-vegan TV dinners.

For an optimal viewing experience, be sure to put on a bow tie, grow a handle-bar mustache and grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon before sitting down to watch.

But not everything on this set is old school. The TV features a full 1080p HD 32-inch screen that's made for watching "500 Days of Summer" and "Garden State." Its other modern luxuries include USB and mobile high-definition link ports.

But unfortunately for hipsters, they won't be able to get this retro TV set at their local thrift shop. LG has not announced plans to bring the classic-style set, which costs 840,000 won or roughly $751, to the U.S.


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