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New York Times website down for an hour but slowly coming back

August 14, 2013|By Ricardo Lopez
  • The New York Times website (shown here in 2010) was down for about an hour Wednesday morning due to a "technical difficulties." It was slowly being restored, the company's communications department said through Twitter.
The New York Times website (shown here in 2010) was down for about an hour… (Karen Bleier / AFP/Getty…)

The New York Times website appeared to be slowly coming back online after being out for about an hour Wednesday. 

The outage, which caught readers and the Times' newsroom offguard, seems to be over. 

The New York Times communications department said the site was being restored and that it would post stories to its Facebook page in the meantime. 

Earlier, the company said on Twitter that the problem was a "server issue" that caused its email and website to go out. 

But in the hour it was down, speculation that the outage was caused by a cyberattack was already circulating. Meanwhile, some people took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

Dan Frosch, a New York Times national correspondent based in Colorado: 

Stephanie Strom, a New York Times business reporter:

David Firestone, a member of the New York Times Editorial Board:

The Onion:

One Twitter user takes a swipe at the Times' paywall:


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