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The best of 'Breaking Bad's' fan videos

August 14, 2013|By Patrick Kevin Day
  • Bryan Cranston, left, and Aaron Paul, cast members in the television series "Breaking Bad," share a laugh onstage during AMC's Summer 2013 TCA press tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Bryan Cranston, left, and Aaron Paul, cast members in the television series… (Chris Pizzello / Invision…)

At last, after 4 1/2 seasons, AMC's "Breaking Bad" has become a true cultural phenomenon, just in time for its final eight episodes.

But just because fans will have only two more months in which to celebrate the scheming and plotting of meth maestro Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his hapless sidekick Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) doesn't mean the "Breaking Bad" fun will end. In fact, based on the number of fan-made videos celebrating the joys of building a criminal empire with well-cooked crystal meth, the real creativity is just getting started.

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The 'Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical" video got a lot of attention last week, but that's just the latest in a long line of bizarre and truly inspired videos remixing the show in any number of ways.

Take, for example, this video created by Toronto musician Andrew Huang. Using objects found in any common neighborhood meth lab, Huang has performed a one-man performance of the "Breaking Bad" theme song composed by Dave Porter.

YouTube comedy video-makers Slacktory combed through footage from every episode of "Breaking Bad" in order to find the perfect clips to illustrate "Weird Al" Yankovic's 11-minute epic "Albuquerque" from 1999. Though the song, a long, rambling narrative about Yankovic's made-up life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has absolutely nothing to do with Vince Gilligan's series, the images and bits of the show are eerily perfect.

Animator Brian Anderson gained some notoriety this spring when he created a "Breaking Bad: The Video Game" parody in the style of the popular Lego games. That video became a viral sensation and has received more than 1.4 million page views to date. Just like the actual Lego video games, this parody video is filled with fun little references for fans of the show. (Pizza on the White's garage roof? Check).

Three years ago, editor Sacha Proctor took the opening of a "Breaking Bad" episode and refashioned it into an ABC-style family sitcom, to disturbing results. The first video has been seen more than 600,000 times and Proctor has made seven subsequent "episodes" of this series that will never see airtime on the real ABC.

Amazingly, Proctor was able to take Gus Fring's gruesome death at the end of Season 4 and turn it into a Farrelly Brothers-style fart-palooza. (An episode not embedded here.)


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