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9 of the most memorable images from Egypt's explosive summer

August 14, 2013|By Amy Hubbard

Images emerging from Egypt show a nation awash in violence. 

On Wednesday, the country was under a state of emergency as buildings burned, churches were attacked and battles erupted in major cities and villages between security forces and the supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

The military-backed government had threatened for weeks to disperse two protest camps in the capital, Cairo, before moving in Wednesday morning.

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It was the latest in a summer of strife. The photos of violence have become almost numbing.  But iconic images are emerging, photos that reflect the human toll: "Game Over" spelled in laser lights in Egypt's Tahrir Square, a woman confronting a bulldozer.

The photos and video have flowed, collected by journalists and citizens risking their lives to cover developments in the nation.

A Sky News cameraman was among the scores of casualties Wednesday.

See nine of the most memorable photos above, plus more stirring images of the strife in Egypt.


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