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Kenneth Turan's DVD Pick of the Week

'Morgan's Creek,' 'Air Force,' 'Cavalcade': The films that got away

August 15, 2013|By Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic

Even film critics don’t have the chance to see everything, and this week I want to celebrate three recent DVDs that will give me a chance to catch up on films I've somehow missed.

At the top of list is "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek," a racy 1944 film starring Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken and directed by the great genius of studio sound comedy, Preston Sturges.

Much more serious is Howard Hawks' 1943 "Air Force," which stars John Garfield, Gig Young and Harry Carey in what looks to be a tense story of men at war.

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Finally, there is  "Cavalcade," a Blu-Ray/DVD reissue of an epic of British life that won the Oscars for best picture and best director in the 1932-33 year.

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